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We are happy to announce that 7 of our students recently got placed in MNC's.

We wish them a very good career and always we are here to help.

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Student Testomonials

If you are novice and want to become professional, I suggest joining in this coaching center.
I joined for Informatica;


If you are novice and want to become professional, I suggest joining in this coaching center. I joined for Informatica; Training gave me lot of knowledge. For this first I give thanks to sir. For the learners, don't waste the time, if you really want to discover the real power of Informatica and don't know how to proceed, join this.

Excellent trainer. Good methodology of teaching,
Gives implication on practical learning.
Having great patience to explain everything on subject.

Siddhartha (Project lead)

I've attended the Informatica and Cognos sessions at JJ Mentor Data Warehousing Solutions. What impressed me most was that Prasad is a terrific teacher. He has a tremendous working knowledge of the Informatica and Cognos and also the ability to convey that knowledge in a logical, approachable manner. Some of the more difficult topics of Informatica and Cognos which can be challenging, Prasad helped us de-mystify the process by breaking things down into clear and simple steps. Prasad has a friendly, easy-going demeanor and a patient sensibility that also helped calm any anxieties we had, which proved instrumental in our learning process.
Above all, Prasad's love of teaching comes through. He's able to challenge us as students and help us find our way in a very reassuring and supportive fashion. He's not just out to flex his superior knowledge, he wants us to understand the principles of how to use informatica and cognos .To be honest, I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and each moment spent in class with Prasad has been a constant learning experience.

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Roopesh from Dubai (Project Manger)

I had attended Cognos training sessions at JJ Mentor Data Warehousing solutions. I am very much satisfied with the training. Prasad has good technical knowledge on the Data Warehousing tools which he is able convey well in the classroom sessions. He is very much approachable and hence the training was very much satisfactory. It had been a very good learning experience for me. I wish to take up classes on various other Data Warehousing tools during my next visit to Bangalore.


Hi I am Rajesh, doing my masters in New York have learnt cognos in this institute and this course was really interesting. Your practical teaching was superb.

About trainer:

He is very practical and based on the requirement he teaches the subjects. He covers all the portions and gives interesting queries, makes interesting the class. His no is 9964091189.You can contact him or meet face to face.



Hi Sir, With full of my please I would like to share MY experience with the institute and the training provided by you on Cognos 8.4.When I joined the institute, My Practical exposure to Cognos was absolutely nil.
Then I took 1.5 month training at your institute and I noticed significant change*-s in my reporting capabilities. I got a very good and practical exposure on tool, which enabled to work me extensively on all the studios of Cognos, framework manager and Poweplay transformer.

Got selected for AMAZON (US) - Onsite
Got selected for TCS and now I am working with HCL Technologies as a senior Cognos Developer.
Thanks for your support sir

Aadhar (Wipro)

Hi, I have done the trainings on business objects and Xcelsius in this month, it's a good experience and the trainer has thorough knowledge of the subject flexible for class arrangements

Thorough knowledge of the subject
Structured flow of training pattern
Great communication skills

D. prathiban

Quick turnaround crash course
gave guidance in class and fall
will refer my friends
in depth knowledge in his teaching areas
backed up with real experience
Giving beyond classes and helping
will refer my friends


If u wants to Learn Informatica this is the Best Place

I Joined in JJ Mentor with 0 knowledge but today it's completely different. Now With confidence I can say that gained worth full knowledge about complete tool through practical experience. The manner in which it was taught was effortless.

About Prasad

Knowledge to the care
Sincere and Helpful.
Very patient


I am student of JJMentor; my personal feeling is JJMentor is a good institute to learn data warehousing tools and its concepts. I joined for cognos which is very good .Prasad sir also explains the subject in a way that you get confident about the topic and the subject. He also gave us complicated scenarios which u may face them in the real time. he provides material and he also gave the notes in the class .

Prasad sir is very decent and his way of communicating with students is also quite good.He cares for each and every student in the class and check with each student whether they are able to follow the subject he is teaching. No one can find this type of teaching in any other institutes......Its like spoon feeding.

This is a right institute for fresher's and also for the people who are working. Prasad sir will help us to face the interviews, kind of questions u face in the interviews I recommend this institute to everyone who wants to learn the cognos.............


I came here for training with no knowledge on data warehousing. By the end of the course I gained good amount of Knowledge.

About Trainer:

Very Interactive and helpful all the time.

Anand .T.R

Good training on the tool, assisted with good real time scenarios.
Over all rating out of 5
Informatica tool - 4.5
DWH & SQL -4
Agile- Always ready to adjust the timings of batch which is important of the batch with working class.

Ravi kiran

Hi, I got training on Informatica Classes covered all Informatica concepts exhaustively with practical's

Prasad has vey good knowledge on Informatica which is evident from the way the classes are covered by him. His depth knowledge on Informatica has helped me to learn this tool . helped me to learn effectively, which will help in my career a head.

Tushar halder

Hi, I got training on Informatica All concepts are explained elaborated with proper care for each student some tougher concepts have been given more focus (like look up, normalizationete).will defiantly recommended JJ mentor to each

Very friendly and always approachable gives proper care to every individual student very energetic ane sine .it was a great learning experience getting trained by him.

C. Devendar

Hi, I have done the trainings on business objects excellent delivering of classes

Excellent command on subject.

gajendra k.m

Hi, I got training on Informatica Way of training is good
Good lab facilities for practical's
Has excellent knowledge about the subject
Makes the person to understand comfortable

Amritha sunkuru

Concept wise explanations were crystal clear and in detail
The syllabus covered is as per the job requirements, which is mainly required for any student

Awesome explanations for each topic along with examples and exercises to which helps in understanding the topic in a better way

Care study is given at the end which is very useful.

Srujan Reddy

I learned Cognos here the classes are worthy. I can say I learned the tool very perfectly. He taught many examples as work and discussed then in class. That is superb I can say I learned this tool in a Good institute He made me perfect efficient in this tools by teaching every point.

The trainer is vey perfect in the tool. The way of (teaching) explaining the tool is simply superb.he takes a topic and get involved in to it in detail and makes he topic as easy (asp)crystal clear. Explains even a small doubt in detail with patience in 3 words


Yogesh KR agarwal

When I joined the BO classes here, I was quite afraid of this new technology/tool. Even I was quite new to the data ware house .but the teacher Mr. Prasad handle me quite very well. He teach me the things from the very basic level. Started with very basic & later we touch the higher level. He is quite very good in his concepts The material he provide, that helped me a lot to understand the subject .His best quality is to handle the student per his level of knowledge. I wish him all the very best & I will suggest him to all my friends who want to learn data warehousing


Yashwant Roy

First of all I would like to thankful to Prasad, The way he approaches the student is very impressive and teaches from basic level to advance level.

Coming to Cognos tool, The Training session helped me to understand about the complete knowledge on tool and very much satisfied with the exercises given.

Finally, "It was worth to attending the class room training."


I have done training on Informatica and the training is good,learnt all the basic concepts, trainer is friendly, covered all the topics. He helped us to understand entire tools in real time as well as in basics.

Mohammed Muntr

Training in JJMentor was Knowledgeable and Excellent coverage of topics in all the areas. Both theory and practical sessions were Excellent.

Prasad is a knowledgeable person and very friendly approach of teaching.

Aamir Sayed

The Training provided in the Institute was beneficial, very good teaching and explanation. Practical Demonstrations were very excellent .Satisfied with the course provided by JJMentor.

Prasad is good at knowledge and the approach of student is Simple. Very knowledgeable on the topics of tools covered. A very good trainer.


Explanations about the Concepts are Excellent and Satisfied with the Training provided by Prasad throughout the course with Practical examples.
It is Worth to Learn from JJMentor.

Syed Ahmed

About Training:
Examples&Practicals 9/10


I got good practical knowledge on ETL Development and ETL Testing. They trained me with real time scenario's .This is the best Institute I found for both Development & Testing.

About Prasad:
He has practical knowledge to teach subject with real time scenarios, Complex topics taught by simple way and friendly person.


I Joined for Informatica to refresh the subject, Classes more or less like a starter even after 3-4years experience in INFOMATICA. Prasad is technically sound in the subject. He is Expert in every corner of the subject.
I will recommend the JJMENTOR.

Anil Chandran

Very good training. Benefited from the real time examples and questions.

Found very professional.
Helpful and knowledgeable.
Always looked for more information whenever we had questions.


Total Overall Course includes Query Studio, Report Studio, Framework manager &Transformer which was very descriptive. Basically understood the need of the Tool, How it works and options with the related exercises.

About Prasad:

He is very interacting with the participants and clarified the doubts & Queries clearly. Has very good knowledge which we learnt a lot needed almost all the parts I the Course and concentrated more on Basics which is good for learners, Especially on Data Warehousing Concepts.


Before attending the course, had no knowledge of sql & Informatica. Now I have gained knowledge in both, I can look out for job.

Classes are taken in time with real time examples. Knowledge shared is immense


Hi, I have done the trainings on Cognos The classes were good .the material way of explanation. Totally good for the people who wants to Explore I business intelligence

Has sound knowledge on business intelligence presentation is very good


I have done Cognos and Informatica courses. Excellent teaching in DWH tools and as well as sql, I have got so much knowledge in those courses.

About Prasad:
Prasad sir promptly, excellent tutor, if u asks any doubts he will clear the doubts in tools as well as projects.
Anyone can turn and get the best knowledge in DWH Tools & SQL/PL SQL in JJ Mentor.-

Ramya S

I Got very good knowledge about Cognos. I have got the confident that I will grow in the career. I will try to tell my friends to join here. I can expose my knowledge in this field.

The trainer is excellent in teaching. He provided the material and explained In the technical and in a very good and easy to understand. His interest to share knowledge. Thanks a lot sir.

Raj Kumar

Very Excellent Training.
Came here with Zero Knowledge in Informatica but now I became a Informatica Professional.
Very good teaching with Practical.

About Prasad:

1.  The way Prasad sir teaches, it directly strikes in our mind.
1.  Solves any Question which comes in mind.


Initial explanation about Data Warehousing concepts is good. Tool explanation and Transformations guidance is good.
About Prasad:

Allowing asking questions, clarifying the doubts, Explanation is good.

Hilda Mary

I came here without any knowledge about Informatica. The explanation on Data Warehousing concepts was good. In a clear state mind, learned all the Transformations.

About Prasad:

Good Trainer.
Explanation is good.
Thank you for all of your assistance.

Rakesh V

I am satisfied with the teaching of Prasad sir and also we have the facility to do the practical's in training from 8am to 5pm and so now I am familiar with the basic terms in Data Warehousing and Cognos.So,I am Happy About that.

About Prasad:

Prasad sir teaching is very clear and I am able to understand the concepts without more effort and more over he teaches at medium phase, which provide us opportunity to make notes. I hope he Continues in this fashion in future days.

Madhuri B

I have gained more information during training period and acquired knowledge about the tool.

About Prasad:

Excellent Teaching.


I am able to understand the tool concept and each transformation clearly,It is interactive session and am happy to know that we can attend the class again where we have missed concepts or not clear in transformation.

About Trainer:

He is having good knowledge about Informatica and helping us to know the tool and giving hint on interview questions.


I was able to know the basic concepts of data warehousing. In each day class we are able to learn new things and new ideas.

About Trainer:

The Requirement given was challenging and motivated us a lot.

Ajay k

Everything is fine.

About Trainer

Good and Very efficient.


Excellent training.

About Trainer:

Class was awesome and it was more practical oriented.


Excellent .Become more familiar with he Cognos Tool and the data warehousing concepts

About Trainer:



The Whole training was very good.

About Trainer:

Very good Knowledge.
Expressing power also good.


Rajendra Prasad

Very good and professional trainer. I recommend to my friends.

About Trainer:

Trainer is having very good knowledge on the topics and teaches practicals.Teaches everything neatly in very easy understanding way.



I would refer any of my friends to join this institute if they are looking to Excel in the field of Data warehousing.

About Prasad:

Praveen Kumar

Very satisfied with the training class, Hope to get a suitable job where I can use my Informatica skill to a great extent.

About Prasad:

Well experienced and knowledgeable person. It is a pleasure to get trained under Mr. Prasad.


Teja Reddy

Good in explanation of concepts excellence in training of excercises.Total subject is clearly explained in detailed deeply in step by step.

About Prasad:

Attitude is good towards the subject.



I came from US, joined in JJ Mentor with 0 knowledge but today its completely different. Now with confidence I can say that gained worth full knowledge about complete tool through practical experience.

About Prasad:

Prasad sir is an knowledgeable person and very friendly approach of teaching. He is excellent tutor, if you ask any doubts he will clear those in simple way. He is very patience, sincere and helpful.


Kumar Saurabh

First thing what I have seen in this institute is, the classes are flexible. we can come and join any time in any batch respective to your tools without any issues. You are free to attend any topic number of times until you understand.
? For working Men/Women, This is a Best Institute.

About Prasad:

Prasad sir is Expert in this field. He is able to explain 100% what we need.


Ravneek Kaur

The course structure was very well planned. Everything was explained in details with examples from rear time scenarios.

About Prasad:

Sir has a very good intellect. He was very willing to listen to students concerned and give solutions to them. In all he is a good teacher.



I would like to share my experience with JJMentor joined without any knowledge about Informatica and now I am confident about the complete tool and learned all the concepts in an efficient manner.

About Prasad:

Mr. Prasad provided me worth full knowledge about the tool. His attitude is too good. He explained the concepts with real-time scenarios clearly and covered all the topics and given interview tips also.
Thank you for all your assistance.



It was a nice & Informative about the technology, starting from basics helped me in understanding in depth about the technology.

About Prasad:

Very good person having patience to answering our doubts & where ever Requested. Supported the entire batch to learn more about technology.


Shiva Dubey

Got In-depth knowledge on DWH Concepts, Informatica Tool and also on interview related questions in limited time period.
Informatica class is very informative here.

About Prasad:

Has got very good command on data warehouse concepts and Informatica.
Very helpful and had cleared all types of doubts asked.


Ramesh Reddy

Training classes have provided a good insight into Informatica tool and data warehousing concepts

About Prasad:

VPrasad sir is friendly and had given an excellent lectures on DWH Concepts and taught Informatica Tool.


Bikash Chandra

It was a pleasure for me having such a nice time with Prasad sir and other friends. Sir is having a depth knowledge and practical knowledge as well.

About Prasad:

Nice person with professionally and personally.



Customized fast track training provided to me was excellent with no compromised in quality. All queries are answered with full.

About Trainer:

Though having health issues my trainer Prasad provided quality education squeezing his time.His knowledge & Energy levels are commandable.



Happy with the way he completed course.

About Trainer:

Trainer was good. Never say no for Us at any time. He adjusted with us.
Thank you for everything.



The Training was very good. Easily understandable and in detail explanations were given with real time examples.

About Trainer:

Trainer was excellent and explained us every concepts in detail and helped us in every doubts.



Wonderful and awesome training along with training providing insights on real time scenarios gives a lot of weightage for this training.

About Trainer:

Expertise clearly been demonstrated. Expert & clear thinker .very knowledgeable and highly experienced BI Trainer.



It's a nice experience to join in this institution. Got excellent knowledge on subject. Got all the materials regarding the course.

About Trainer:

Has command on subject.
Good Explanation skills.
One word I can say I got a very Good Trainer
I am lucky to get our trainer.



Understandable the DWH Concepts with Illustration

About Trainer:

Our trainer is one of the best trainer with good experience.
Very well educated in DWH, ETL and other Business objects.



I am really happy for the joining course in JJ Mentor training center. A lot of knowledge that I have gained from this institute which I have never expected, Regarding this training institute I hope a lot of success in future.

About Trainer:

He is very good in knowledge and teaching experience and we got well trained from this trainer.



Hi all I am a student of JJ Mentor would like to share my learning experience; Classes are very good and I gained a lot of knowledge in COGNOS.A Very good introduction to data warehousing, overall it was very good experience.

About Prasad:

Prasad Sir You has very good knowledge and willingness to teach us something extra knowledge.
Thank you for your guidance.



I am Savitha student of JJ Mentor like to share my training experience; Training was very informative and helpful. Received good knowledge of Tool.

About Trainer:

Prasad Sir holds a very good knowledge on the subject.


Chandra Bhushan

The Informatica training was great. The presentations were clear and concise Very useful tips related to interviews were given. I most certainly recommend it to others.

About Trainer:

Prasad is a fabulous trainer, professional and knowledgeable.10 out of 10 for him. He gave all answers to all my questions throughout the Training.


saravana reddy

Explanation is good with examples; Timings are very flexible and best for working professionals.

About Prasad:

Very good Knowledge.
Excellent command on Tools.


Amruth yuvaraj

Explanation is good with examples. Pictorial presentation helps a lot.

About Trainer:

Prasad is an Excellent Trainer.


Arul shaitu

Hi I got trained on INFORMATICA in JJ Mentor well, Facilities are good
Class timings are very flexible
Good Training center for working professionals.

About Trainer:

Good knowledge on business intelligence. Very good industry experience
Easy approachable.


Nisha Joseph

Hi this is Nisha, joined for INFORMATICA course happy to share experience of learning new Tool with detail explanation along with SQl and DWH Concepts are necessary to perform the Tool. Time flexibility is more appreciable.

About Trainer:

The teaching way of Prasad sir is in clear detail explanation.
Exercises are Excellent.



Training was good and reached the expectation.

About Trainer:

Well Explained about the concepts.



Good in depth knowledge from the scratch to the Build.

About Trainer:

Prasad is having good techno functional knowledge with high efficacy in explaining concepts.



Got a very good exposure into DWH concepts & Informatica.

About Trainer:

The Trainer made sure we very well understand the concepts & do practical's.



Classes are very informative and helpful. Received a good knowledge on the Tool

About Trainer:

Trainer holds a very good knowledge on the subject.


Chandra bhushan bakshi

The Informatica training was great. The presentations were clear. Very useful tips related to interviews were given. I most certainly recommended it to others.

About Trainer:

Fabulous trainer
Professional & knowledgeable.
10 out of 10


Manisha Gupta

Got well explanation for both theory and practical's with examples.

About Trainer:

Trainer is very good in subject. Thank you.


Devendra singh

Overall theory and practicals are taught nicely. Trainer is very interactive and he is excellent in the subject.

About Trainer:

Prasad is an Excellent Trainer.


ABala Senthit

Rating for theory is outstanding and Infrastructure. Regarding trainer technical knowledge is robust.

About Trainer:

Prasad is an Excellent Trainer.



I enjoyed the training session as well as learned the technical knowledge for the Tool Informatica.

About Trainer:

The trainer way of explanation is awesome. He made me to get interest in the subject. Thank you sir.



Overall good experience; Informatica knowledge has definitely improved. Have the confidence to attend interviews now.

About Trainer:

Prasad is very clear with concepts teaches very well with apt examples and real time scenarios.


Ankit jain

JJ Mentor is the worth place to learn INFORMATICA.

About Trainer:

Trainer Prasad explained all the concepts in very well manner both theoretical and practical.



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  Accomplished corporate trainings.

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